Our Story

Stark Raving Plaid is the brainchild of John Moen, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, creativity guru, and all-around great guy.  The idea was to combine traditional Celtic music with modern-day ideas, all while keeping the tunes entertaining and upbeat.  The search began to find musicians that could handle such a task...

This resulted in combining the talents of Christopher Peck, an established mandolin, guitar, and brass player, Brysen Bristow, a self-acclaimed party animal, art lover and killer bassist, Alice Tilton, one of the most amazing fiddle players in town, and Amber Crea, formerly of The Long Hot Summer playing the drums on this creative journey.

Since their formation, Stark Raving Plaid has played to many a drunken audience, including a featured performance in Seattle for the USGAA Finals (That's Hurling for those not in the know).

Stark Raving Plaid is NOW BOOKING through 2019, but dates are filling up fast.  Please contact us as soon as possible for your event, pub, or any other occasion.