Stark Raving Plaid is an exciting celtic rock band that brings smiles, dancing, laughter and energy wherever they go. There is a strand of celtic pride that comes from honoring ancient tradition with an infusion of musical irreverence, fun and mischief. Centuries old songs can sound fresh and their own new material is right at home with the pub classics. They are familiar and approachable like an invitation to join new friends at the bar but dazzlingly accomplished and sophisticated in their musical craft.

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Did you miss us at the 2017 Galway Bay Music Festival in Ocean Shores?  If you did, you missed the fact that we gave away a bunch of CDs for donations raising nearly $1000 for charity!  We're continuing on that promise, MAKING ALL THE TRACKS AVAILABLE HERE!  You can download them for free, but we'd really like you to donate a little for the good folks at the Grays Harbor Food Bank.  We'll also be contributing to a disaster relief fund to be determined...

Just a quick note - we NEVER keep our tips and ALWAYS donate to charities along the way.  Any funds collected go to various charities nationwide and locally.  Your support is greatly appreciated... THANK YOU!

The Stark Raving Plaid calendar is filling up rapidly, so  if you wish to have one of Seattle's more entertaining bands perform at YOUR venue, please CONTACT US as soon as possible!

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